The Health Care Plan Needs More Doctors

One thing missing from HealthZilla (Barack Obama’s Health Care) and one thing is doesn’t address is the supply of doctors. There are approximately 46 million Americans without health care coverage according to the NCHC.

Now there is already a shortage of health care professionals – most notably doctors and RNs. In my own experience, I can’t get in to see my doctor on a day’s notice; those days are long gone. I will be lucky to get an appointment in two weeks to see him. And I don’t think my situation is by any means unique.

So my question is this: What happens when you suddenly introduce those 46 million into the health care system? I’ll tell you what happens; longer waits to see doctors and the shortage will be intensified. It’s basic supply and demand modeling.

This plan does nothing to motivate young people to become doctors. What if Barack Obama had used some of that stimulus money to fund the education of first year med students though medical school? Yeah that would be expensive, but at least that would have been an investment in the future that would directly address the doctor shortage problem. Money well spent instead of money flushed down the drain.

Barry O talks big talk about planning for the future but he has completely ignored the issue of supply of medical professionals in this ‘debate’.