Jonestown USA

I was watching a cable show on Jonestown 1978 (Aka the Guyana Tragedy). I was thinking of the parallels between Jonestown 1978 and the USA of today under the administration of Barack Obama.

In Jonestown, people were coerced into being ‘happy’ and ‘hopeful’. This coercion was done by a number of techniques – some psychological, some terrorist. The strong arms of Jonestown were a small army of armed security forces – small but large enough to keep the group in check.

Today’s mainstream media is like the strong arms of Jonestown. They enforce the lies of Barack Obama and print artificial stories of hope. Like that limp wristed Anderson Cooper galloping off to Africa to follow Obama. He interviewed all the happy Africans to show how much ‘hope’ Barry Hussein spreads around. That’s just one example.

Few are the dissenting voices. Outside the usual conservative cast of critics (Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Glen Beck), most of the mainstream media have become loathsome sock puppets for Barack Obama. I have a feeling the dissenting voices will become greater in number as Barry Obamy’s lies become more painfully obvious. The big one that will be a lie of mass destruction: Barry Obamy’s harmful stimulus package. Already liberals are asking the question (for which we have known the answer all along): why isn’t it working yet?

Anyway, Barack Obama is a black Jim Jones. Drink my Kool-Aid! Never mind the cost, never mind the collateral damage, it is the change we need. Well at least we’re getting the change he promised – it might not be what liberals had in mind when it’s all said and done. He is getting ready to serve up another serving of Kook Aid, umm, I mean Kool Aid tonight. Stay tuned sheeple.


This Reminds me of the Great Society

If you’re old enough to remember that term you know what I’m talking about. Lyndon Johnson had a program called “The Great Society” which basically aimed to do several things. The main goal was to eliminate poverty – it spawned the so called ‘war on poverty’.

‘Officially’ the poverty has decreased since Johnson’s time from about 23% in 1959 to around 13% in 2005. However, I don’t believe that for one minute. The federal government has long been out of touch of the real poverty versus relative poverty. It’s like the difference between ‘minimum wage’ and ‘living wage’. According to the US HHS, poverty for a family of four is an income less than $22,050 per year. That’s barely enough for one person (by the way, a household of 1 is defined as less than $10,830 per year).

The biggest poster child of the Great Society was the Welfare System. Now that sure worked well didn’t it? Poverty can only be battled by freedom – not more government intervention and control. Welfare only trapped people and did not encourage them to work nor did it give them any incentive to work. It took 32 years for congress to finally realize this mistake and add some incentive to the program.

So the Barack Obama stimulus and Health Care spend-a-thons reminds me of the Great Society. Trying to solve big, complex problems by QUICKLY throwing money and government control at it. Didn’t work before and it won’t work now. The only thing it will accomplish is more debt to hand down to Generation Z and beyond.

Liberal Double Speak about Blacks in Prison

Liberal journalists love to whine and moan about social problems without really offering up any kind of ideas of a solution. This article by the Seattle Times Jerry Large is no exception and perhaps offers up a perfect example of this liberal trend. The article is about the high percentage of blacks in prison (and latinos). While he stops short of “blaming whitey”, that is somewhat implied here. One gets the idea that the blame must certainly lie somewhere else. That the non-white ‘hip hop’ culture can’t possibly be part of the source of the problem?

More blacks are in prison because the culture dictates that. In their street culture, going to prison is a step in life – almost like a ‘badge of honor’. Mainstream liberal blacks deny this but it’s true. Until this way of thinking is overcome by black culture and until they decide to stop embracing, the problem will remain. Blacks enjoy their ‘victim’ role far too much to give up their monopoly of the prison system. Unfortunately thanks to the politically correct liberal mainstream media machine, we are all exposed to this culture. Not good thing.
As for solutions – what solutions? This liberal ‘journalist’ offers only these little tidbits.

Jobs programs for people coming out of prison reduce recidivism.

Really? Is that a fact? I see he doesn’t cite any source for that nor does he even say what kind of ‘job programs’ might reduce recidivism. Job training? Job Placement? Affirmative Action? Is that what he’s getting at? Probably but like most liberals, he remains vague.

If we truly care about community, family, safety, and seeing that tax dollars are spent wisely, we should spend efficiently on bridging gaps, not deepening them.

What exactly does that mean? That sounds like just a bunch of liberal double speak. Blacks need to accept responsibility and forget this talk about all the alleged imposed disparities. There is no basis for the idea that blacks are arrested and convicted at a higher rate than others. They simply choose to lead that kind of life. Same as whites making that choice. Sorry Jerry – can’t deflect the blame.

Social inequality in prisons