Jonestown USA

I was watching a cable show on Jonestown 1978 (Aka the Guyana Tragedy). I was thinking of the parallels between Jonestown 1978 and the USA of today under the administration of Barack Obama.

In Jonestown, people were coerced into being ‘happy’ and ‘hopeful’. This coercion was done by a number of techniques – some psychological, some terrorist. The strong arms of Jonestown were a small army of armed security forces – small but large enough to keep the group in check.

Today’s mainstream media is like the strong arms of Jonestown. They enforce the lies of Barack Obama and print artificial stories of hope. Like that limp wristed Anderson Cooper galloping off to Africa to follow Obama. He interviewed all the happy Africans to show how much ‘hope’ Barry Hussein spreads around. That’s just one example.

Few are the dissenting voices. Outside the usual conservative cast of critics (Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Glen Beck), most of the mainstream media have become loathsome sock puppets for Barack Obama. I have a feeling the dissenting voices will become greater in number as Barry Obamy’s lies become more painfully obvious. The big one that will be a lie of mass destruction: Barry Obamy’s harmful stimulus package. Already liberals are asking the question (for which we have known the answer all along): why isn’t it working yet?

Anyway, Barack Obama is a black Jim Jones. Drink my Kool-Aid! Never mind the cost, never mind the collateral damage, it is the change we need. Well at least we’re getting the change he promised – it might not be what liberals had in mind when it’s all said and done. He is getting ready to serve up another serving of Kook Aid, umm, I mean Kool Aid tonight. Stay tuned sheeple.


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