Seattle Times Cries about White Homeless Families

The liberal rag called the Seattle Times ran this piece yesterday about “invisible families”. Invisible meaning that they’re homeless but not visibly so. At least not visibly homeless in the sense they live in shelters and on street corners (where they can be potentially counted), but they live in cars and/or sleep on relative’s couches. Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying there is no problem here. But I find it ironic that the liberal rag Seattle Times would run this piece considering they support liberal politicians like Barack Obama and Patty Murray. In fact this horrible excuse for a news source endorsed Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

While I don’t blame Barack Obama exclusively for the homeless problem, he does not go without blame. His failure to enact any kind of economic recovery has made a bad situation even worse as people are unable to get jobs even if they want them. So Barack Obama needs to shoulder some of the blame here and so does the Seattle Times. Look Seattle Times, you endorsed him, you influenced voters to vote for that fraud, and now you must share the blame. Don’t think you can make it right by producing an article chronicling the lives of a few homeless families.

Oh and interestingly enough, all the people pictures are white. Not a single black person in the photos. And the reason for this is also not mentioned in the liberal biased article. Black received preferential treatment for welfare benefits including Section 8 house and it’s harder for people with white skin to get those same benefits. This is a disparity that must be corrected but that correction alone will not solve this homeless problem.

There are at least two types of homeless people. One group is the same group that has been homeless since Biblical times: drunks, drug users, and other hopeless people. The second group is made up of perfectly able people who simply cannot find work and I fear this second group is getting bigger by the month.

The hotel vouchers Kim Ahern was counting on weren’t available when she arrived in Seattle, so she reluctantly moved with Jack and Tom, 19, into Nickelsville, one of Seattle’s tent cities. It was a backup plan. They stayed at Nickelsville’s Central District location for two weeks. Then they traveled with the encampment when it moved to Skyway.

Kim Ahern is white and ‘Nickelsville’ is the nice name (at least it looks nice to outsiders) for a tent city. Shame on you Seattle Times for not citing the real problem here. The “hotel vouchers” were not available because these people are white. If they were black or Hispanic, they would be staying all expense paid now

Hidden niche of the homeless