Jon Stewart Can’t Restore Sanity

Jon Stewart is billed as an entertainer and the media even had the gall to say he is not a politician. I call BS on that. The fact that he is holding rallies just says ahead of a major election says something different. Yes, he may be a “satirist” officially. But what exactly is he satirizing? What exactly is he serious about? What exactly does he stand for? Most people are fooled into thinking he’s moderate material, but I doubt that.

It’s another sugar coated rally against so called “hate” and so called “racism” The liberal version of ‘hate’ is when white people make some comment about blacks or gays. The liberal version of racism is when white people make some comment about blacks or Jews. However when it’s turned the other way (blacks making comments about whites), everyone looks the other way as though that double standard doesn’t even exist.

Also I find it odd that Jon Stewart (who doesn’t even use his real name of “Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz” except presumably on his driver license) chooses to hold “rallies” in the same style that has been so successful for the Tea Party over the past year or so.

If we really want to “restore sanity” America, you need to vote for conservatives on Tuesday. Get the liberal big spenders (and big dreamers) out of office.