Elizabeth Smart Continues to Entertain the Media

An article appeared in People Mag today about the Elizabeth Smart trial. Elizabeth storming out of the courtroom is news? Of course it is. When the white person on trial does this:

Wednesday morning, showing no ill effects from the previous day’s events, he entered the courtroom singing “O Little Town of Bethlehem” and “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing” before he was removed from court.

Who can blame her for not wanting to participate? One of the commenters named Agustin Gonzalez (a racist Hispanic from the sound of it), comments:

why does this weird shit only happen to white people…

Well Agustin, you racist, let’s look at that. It doesn’t “only happen to white people”. Nothing of the sort is true. It’s only the mainstream media that loves loves loves(!) to report on crazy white people while all the time ignoring the craziness (or downplaying it) coming from other races. When they are downplaying it or failing to report it, they chalk it up to some bogus ethic reason – as in poor upbringing, alleged retardation, or some such nonsense.

Therefore, in same manner that Blacks and Jews are overrepresented in entertainment, whites are overrepresented in negative slanted news. Nothing makes a good story like a crazed white man!


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