Chick-fil-A Has Corporate Ethos – Liberals Get Over It

In the strange world of the liberal mind, corporate ethos are only OK when they favor liberals and their perverted standards. Liberals would say nothing if Chick-fil-A had a policy supportive of gay rights to marriage. They would be completely silent if Chick-fil-A for example, donated money for their annual perverted “pride” parades. But they don’t. Chick-fil-A is a conservative corporation which is brave enough to take a stand against the right of perverts to marry. So what? Get over it liberals.

It’s an opinion. Get over it.

Corporations don’t have the same rights as individuals, this is true. But the people that make up Chick-fil-A and the people who are its customers, certainly do. Liberals don’t have to eat the food if they don’t want but Chick-fil-A is entitled to have its standard just as any corporation does. Here in this liberal cesspool of a state (WA) there is only one Chick-fil-A location that I know of – in Bellingham. I will make a point to visit it next time I am up that way and buy a meal from them. I will also gladly leave a donation if that option is available.

A Chicken Chain’s Corporate Ethos Is Questioned by Gay Rights Advocates


Liberal Loonies on Parade for Friday 1/28/2011

The Philadelphia Housing Authority spent $500,000 of taxpayer money on parties with belly dancers and settling sexual harassment lawsuits.

Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon denies first amendment rights to right wing group.

Mississippi liberal caught having sex with his hogs – hogs had vaginal infections!

Lancaster PA experiments with School Segregation, NAACP goes bananas.

Liberal Chicago “artist” films himself getting arrested, calls it Art.

Dallas diversity Police Officials Arrested for Stealing from Crime Stoppers rewards.

Liberal Media Still Blaming Bush

I should title this Blame Bush part 4,356,303. Apparently it’s newsworthy that the Bush Admin “broke a law” during the 2006 elections. Talk about beating a dead horse! Speaking of broken laws, how about that Birth Certificate Barry Hussein Soetoro?

In the run-up to the 2006 midterm election in which Republicans lost control of the House, the Bush administration repeatedly broke the law by using federal funds to send Cabinet secretaries and other high-level political appointees to congressional districts of GOP candidates in tight races, according to a government report.

Bush administration broke law in ’06 races

Yawn.. next Blame Bush, please Associated Press!

Atlas Shrugged is coming to a Theatre Near You

Atlas Shrugged is finally coming to film. I guess I am going to wait to get excited about it. After all, a film is a film and not a book. The book Atlas Shrugged, delved so deeply into objectivist themes and the theme is so interwoven, that I cannot help but wonder how and if, this can be translated onto the screen. IMO, the Lord of the Rings trilogy suffered on the big screen – at least the stories and themes of the books. The true character of the books, only somewhat came through. LOTR got away with it, however, largely on the wheels of spectacular special effects and breathtaking scenery. Not sure they can pull that same act with Atlas Shrugged.

It’s interesting to note that, technically, this film has been in planning for almost 40 years. There is a Wikipedia Page devoted to reading about what it refers to as “Development Hell“. I will go back and read this book again now, as I have not read it for many years. I first read it in high school (those liberal teachers let us read anything) for a course in Anthropology of all things. I’ve re-read it twice but it’s been awhile and time to have another go at it. Anyway, I am feeling somewhat ambivalent about the film adaptation although I will certainly go to see it. If nothing else, the time is right for such a message!

Atlas Shrugged (the Film)

9 Hawaii Senators Thumb Nose at ACLU

I was unaware that the State of Hawaii had banned prayer in the State Senate. When I read this, it didn’t surprise me that the God hating ACLU was behind it. These 9 senators circumvented the so called “ban” by holding their prayer service right before the daily session went live. Take that ACLU!

A group of nine Hawaii senators held hands, bowed their heads and sought God’s blessing Wednesday, signaling that they’ll still pray despite a vote last week to abandon official invocations. Fears of court challenges compelled the state Senate to end prayers, making it the first legislative body in the nation to do so. The informal prayer Wednesday took place in the Senate chamber before the daily lawmaking session, convened in such a way so as not to contradict the decision to remove invocations from Senate business.

Hawaii senators hold prayer despite vote to end it

Dana Milbank has a Problem with Sarah Palin

Who is Dana Milbank you ask? I have no idea. But he came up in Google news today so that must make him a very important man. Dana is apparently a contributing author to that dead liberal rag: the Washington Post. Oh then that must elevate him to the level of scholar! (End sarcasm).

Dana is declaring a month long moratorium on mentioning Sarah Palin and asks everyone else to join him. He won’t be hearing much from conservatives since we don’t talk about her nearly as much as liberals do. In fact, it’s mostly liberals who have elevated her to the status of presidential candidate in 2012. Most conservatives do not take her seriously any longer and such a move would be both political suicide for her and a disaster for the country (Barack Obama would be easily re-elected).

So what fuels the liberal obsession with Sarah Palin? I can’t pretend to second-guess liberal thought processes but suffice to say that it’s more cultural than political. Nothing distresses a God hating liberal more than a God fearing politician and that could explain it. Their hatred of God manifests itself as an obsession for Sarah Palin.

Mr. Milbanks has the solution for the Palin-addicted liberals:

… if we treat her a little less like a major political figure and a little more like Ann Coulter — a calculating individual who says shocking things to attract media attention — it won’t matter.



Rush To Obama: Cough up the Birth Certificate

Ok don’t get me wrong, I am not a die hard “birther” but if Barack wanted to lay this birth certificate thing to rest, why doesn’t he cough it up? Why can’t the State of Hawaii find the hospital generated one? When I went for my passport I had to get a certified copy of my hospital generated BC from the county of my birth. That was no easy task but I managed to do it. So why can’t Obama? Anyway, Rush Limbaugh has waddled into the fray.

Top-rated talk radio host Rush Limbaugh on Friday questioned why new Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie has not gotten support from the White House in his efforts to resolve the doubts of so-called “birthers” about Barack Obama’s place of birth. Limbaugh also says he finds it “stunning” that Abercrombie still can’t prove Obama was born in Hawaii as he maintains.

Abercrombie has stated that he wants to put to rest assertions that Obama may not have been born in the United States and therefore is not eligible to serve as president, assertions fueled by Obama’s lack of a hospital-generated birth certificate. But Limbaugh noted that Abercrombie now says “a hospital generated birth certificate for Obama may not exist within the vital records maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health. He said efforts were still being made to track down definitive vital records that would prove Obama was born in Hawaii.

Limbaugh: Obama Must Release Birth Certificate