The Tea Party – A Convenient Boogeyman for Liberals

For weeks following the Arizona shootings, liberals were slinging ‘tea party flavored mud’ all over the place. Attempting to make some sort of connection between Jared Loughner and the tea party. For example, this disgusting piece by some racist black named Casey Gane-McCalla:

Jared Loughner may not have attended a Tea Party rally or registered with any Tea Party groups, but he shares several similarities with the Tea Party movement.

(Casey Gane-McCalla rants)

He/She goes on to ‘list’ 5 bullshit bullet points about what Loughner supposedly has in common with the Tea Party. This is very much along the lines of the NAACP when they ‘declared’ the Tea Party as a racist organization.

Liberals, particularly black liberals, simply cannot stand the thought of whites organizing in anything – especially a political entity. It scares them to death. So it really isn’t surprising that the Tea Party has become this “boogeyman” hiding under their beds. Like the proverbial boogeyman that ‘hid under our beds’ when we were children, it was feared but of course it never materialized outside our nightmares at night.

Trying to demonize the Tea Party is just about as childish as that dreaded boogeyman. But then again, liberals are like children that have not grown up so why not have a scary boogeyman?



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