Liberals Oooing and Ahing Prior to Speech

Well it’s that time of year again for the president’s SOTU speech. And of course, speeches are what Barack Obama does best. In fact, he doesn’t really do much else but you have to hand it to him; the man can deliver a speech!

But alas, talk is cheap Barack. America needs action and Barack Obama has been slow to deliver action on the job creation front. Just to be fair and to be clear, I faulted GW Bush for the same thing. However, it’s particularly important now since the economy is severely lacking in decent paying jobs.

Nevertheless, liberals are tripping all over themselves to chime in about their “hopes” in advance of his speech. Like Bill George who claims to be a so called “moderate”

In the State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Obama has the opportunity to recapture the hearts and minds of the American people and unify the country. Will he seize the moment? He did so brilliantly in the 2008 campaign by integrating visionary leadership with pragmatic politics. When he became president, the American people expected him to inspire us to restore America’s leadership at home and in the world.

(What the President Should Say)

Only a liberal would imply that Barack Obama ever “unified” the country. Let’s make one thing perfectly clear here, Bill. The country was NOT unified in 2008 – only the Democratic base was unified. Those are quite two different things. The country has become even more divided and fragmented starting with the 2008 elections.

It’s most likely that people will hear what they want to hear from the speech as they usually do with Barack Obama’s speeches. He’s a good word spinner for certain. However, I for one, will not be wasting my time listening to it. I might record it to DVR for later viewer or for viewing parts of it, but I view it as a time waster. What I will be watching for is the same thing I have been watching for for two years now: some action on the jobs creation front.


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