MTV-Viacom Gets Hit Where it Counts – in the Bank Account!

I am tired of the so called ‘reality shows’ on TVs. And they seem to be popping up on more and more channels. Fortunately, we can avoid the worst ones by blocking certain cable channels: Bravo, MTV, MTV2, VH1, to name the worst offenders. While the direction of TV entertainment continues to spiral downward, it may have finally hit bottom.

Hmm, nah, but I can dream can’t I?

The MTV show “Skins” which features teenagers in sex driven situations, has rightfully raised the ire of the Parents Television Council (PTC). Last week they sent a letter to the U.S Department of Justice along with the U.S. Senate and House Judiciary Committees charging the show with child pornography.

That hasn’t had much effect on the degenerates at Viacom, but the latest development might. According to TMZ, several huge sponsors of the show are pulling the plug on their MTV sponsorship. Some big names such as Subway, Taco Bell, Wrigley, General Motors, Schick, and H&R Block cashed out of this MTV shit show. The PTC might not sink the show, but the sponsorship black eye should give those degenerates something to think about.

TMZ Articles on the Skins issues


One Comment on “MTV-Viacom Gets Hit Where it Counts – in the Bank Account!”

  1. Peer Grunt says:

    You forgot “Oxygen” home of the “Bad Girls Club” one of the most insidious of all “Reality Shows”. It sends a bad message to young girls that bad behavior is OK and in some case rewarded.

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