America Cannot Run on Speeches Alone

Honestly, I think my jaw is sore from all that yawning I was doing during Barry Obama’s speech last night. It was ‘nothing new here folks’. Same old same old. The same ‘we must ____’ rhetoric he’s been spouting for the past few months. There was nothing new to add to the conversation. No answers to the many questions the dead economy raises.

In fact, his big deal last night was a proposal to put a five-year freeze on the federal budget. Only problem is, he proposed a three-year spending freeze in last year’s State of the Union address that never materialized.

What happens when your only skill is giving compelling speeches and you’re in a leadership role? Public speaking and leadership are two different skill sets and a president really needs both of them. Unfortunately this president is a superior public speaker, but a poor leader. This is something conservatives have known for a long time. It was exposed in countless conservative blogs even prior to the election; this bozo simply has no leadership experience. And every time Barry was questioned about his leadership ability he pointed to that ghetto project he says he ‘managed’. His role in that by the way is disputed.

So it’s finally apparent to the rest of America (the fools that voted for him) that his main skill is giving speeches and he’s not good for much else. America cannot run on speeches alone. I was thinking about an acquaintance of mine who voted for Obama in the 2008 election. This acquaintance makes over 1 million a year and when I asked about his choice he said something like “I know this is going to cost me money, but I think America needs a good leader right now”. He has since rethought that opinion.


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