Atlas Shrugged is coming to a Theatre Near You

Atlas Shrugged is finally coming to film. I guess I am going to wait to get excited about it. After all, a film is a film and not a book. The book Atlas Shrugged, delved so deeply into objectivist themes and the theme is so interwoven, that I cannot help but wonder how and if, this can be translated onto the screen. IMO, the Lord of the Rings trilogy suffered on the big screen – at least the stories and themes of the books. The true character of the books, only somewhat came through. LOTR got away with it, however, largely on the wheels of spectacular special effects and breathtaking scenery. Not sure they can pull that same act with Atlas Shrugged.

It’s interesting to note that, technically, this film has been in planning for almost 40 years. There is a Wikipedia Page devoted to reading about what it refers to as “Development Hell“. I will go back and read this book again now, as I have not read it for many years. I first read it in high school (those liberal teachers let us read anything) for a course in Anthropology of all things. I’ve re-read it twice but it’s been awhile and time to have another go at it. Anyway, I am feeling somewhat ambivalent about the film adaptation although I will certainly go to see it. If nothing else, the time is right for such a message!

Atlas Shrugged (the Film)


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