Dana Milbank has a Problem with Sarah Palin

Who is Dana Milbank you ask? I have no idea. But he came up in Google news today so that must make him a very important man. Dana is apparently a contributing author to that dead liberal rag: the Washington Post. Oh then that must elevate him to the level of scholar! (End sarcasm).

Dana is declaring a month long moratorium on mentioning Sarah Palin and asks everyone else to join him. He won’t be hearing much from conservatives since we don’t talk about her nearly as much as liberals do. In fact, it’s mostly liberals who have elevated her to the status of presidential candidate in 2012. Most conservatives do not take her seriously any longer and such a move would be both political suicide for her and a disaster for the country (Barack Obama would be easily re-elected).

So what fuels the liberal obsession with Sarah Palin? I can’t pretend to second-guess liberal thought processes but suffice to say that it’s more cultural than political. Nothing distresses a God hating liberal more than a God fearing politician and that could explain it. Their hatred of God manifests itself as an obsession for Sarah Palin.

Mr. Milbanks has the solution for the Palin-addicted liberals:

… if we treat her a little less like a major political figure and a little more like Ann Coulter — a calculating individual who says shocking things to attract media attention — it won’t matter.




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