Liberals Quick to Vilify Judge Roger Vinson

Liberals, with their hands forever dirtied by slinging so much mud, have taken to Judge Roger Vinson’s recent ruling against the Fedzilla Obamacare. His ruling affirmed what most conservatives have already known: it’s unconstitutional. Never mind that silly little thing called The Constitution though. Liberals have had enough of that worn and torn old document. And they’ve all been quick to seize on some sort of deflection from the real issue here: that Obamacare is unethical and illegal. Even the leftist New York times got in on the fun! Check out this delicate piece.

Supporters of the health care act — which Judge Vinson invalidated after ruling it was unconstitutional to require citizens to buy health insurance — saw in the language a deliberate nod to the Tea Party movement.

When in doubt, blame it on the Tea Party! It seems that blaming Bush is going out of vogue for the left wing loonies, so the Tea Party is the new Bush. A suitable repository for the never ceasing blame game. Oh and the NY Times couldn’t resist another favorite deflecting device: The ‘odd analogy’ trick.

Given the role that green vegetables have played in the health care litigation, it would have been disappointing had Judge Vinson not given broccoli its due. Judge Vinson seized on the analogy in a hearing in December and did so again in his ruling on Monday, while batting away the Obama administration’s contention that health care is a unique market because people cannot opt out of it.

Yes it’s a silly analogy but isn’t that the point? That Healthzilla is silly as a broccoli? Or did a vegetable create Healthzilla? Maybe that’s the real analogy.

Tea Party Shadows Health Care Ruling


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