Liberal Michael Ratner Wants Bush Prosecuted

I am fed up with liberals and their perverse ideas about how the law should be used. Liberals like Michael Ratner are the reason that our legal system is as clogged as Oprah’s arteries. He contends that Bush needs to be ‘prosecuted’ for torture during his presidency for the waterboarding affair. Even though he is advocated this to be done in Switzerland, it’s still a useless game. What are they going to do? Extradite him to some leftist EU country?

Listen up liberals. Conservatives are sick and tired of your “Blame Bush” games. George W Bush may not have been the best president, but he was certainly better than that poor excuse for a leader we have now. He did what he thought was necessary to protect the U.S. against terrorist. Liberals like Ratner seem to forget that terrorists killed 3,000 people in 2001. A debt is still owed for that and waterboarding was what they deserved (and more).

All that aside, isn’t it time to stop blaming Bush? The Blame Bush game is a poor ploy to take the attention off the real problems we have now: Barack Obama and his cronies. Shame on CNN for carrying this piece of liberal editorial shit and double shame on Google on front-paging it!

Michael Ratner Rants


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