The Tea Party – A Convenient Boogeyman for Liberals

For weeks following the Arizona shootings, liberals were slinging ‘tea party flavored mud’ all over the place. Attempting to make some sort of connection between Jared Loughner and the tea party. For example, this disgusting piece by some racist black named Casey Gane-McCalla:

Jared Loughner may not have attended a Tea Party rally or registered with any Tea Party groups, but he shares several similarities with the Tea Party movement.

(Casey Gane-McCalla rants)

He/She goes on to ‘list’ 5 bullshit bullet points about what Loughner supposedly has in common with the Tea Party. This is very much along the lines of the NAACP when they ‘declared’ the Tea Party as a racist organization.

Liberals, particularly black liberals, simply cannot stand the thought of whites organizing in anything – especially a political entity. It scares them to death. So it really isn’t surprising that the Tea Party has become this “boogeyman” hiding under their beds. Like the proverbial boogeyman that ‘hid under our beds’ when we were children, it was feared but of course it never materialized outside our nightmares at night.

Trying to demonize the Tea Party is just about as childish as that dreaded boogeyman. But then again, liberals are like children that have not grown up so why not have a scary boogeyman?



Mainstream Media Silence Continues on White South African Farmers

Why just yesterday I was blogging about the fact that the US Mainstream Media is systematically ignoring the genocide of white farmers in Africa. And what do I see in the USA Today? Some article about a ‘foreign’ woman being killed in South Africa. And all the players in this scene sound black to me – as in South African nationals. Basically it sounds like some black SA paid another black SA to kill his wife on their “honeymoon”. How romantic!

But I digress. Where is the uproar over the killing of white farmers in South Africa by black thugs? Ping.. what was that sound? Oh nothing.. just the sound of a pin dropping. The US mainstream media remains deathly silent about this problem while they report on some nonsense story about Shrien Dewani hiring someone to kill his wife. This is strictly a South African-UK issue and yet we see it in USA Today? Where is the news about white farmer killers?

This is not the only case of mainstream media silence on an issue that hurts white people. Case in point: the Black Panthers engaging in voter intimidation to help get that illegitimate president elected. In return for the “favor” they were never prosecuted. How very, very cozy and where was the mainstream media on this issue? Conspicuously missing although the Fox News network gave it a good run. And of course Barack Obama demonized Fox News shortly afterward.
White people – wake up!

South African Blacks Murder Whites; US Media Ignores

A chilling message written in Sotho on a piece of cardboard saying “We have killed them. We are coming back”, was found on the gate of the farm where three people were brutally killed on Thursday. The victims of the murders were Attie Potgieter, 40, his wife Wilna, 36, and their 3-year-old daughter Willemien. It was suspected that little Willemien was shot so that she wouldn’t be able to identify her parents’ killers. Three farm workers were arrested on Thursday. Later, in townships in the area, three more suspects were arrested. According to early information, one of them is only 17 years old.

I am not familiar with South African law but I suspect these ‘suspects’ will not be punished as they should for this crime since the country is essentially run by apartheid era blacks. One could just say “meh” if this were just an isolated incident. However, this is a genocide level event going on South Africa. According to this source from March of this year, the number of white farm people killed by blacks has surpassed 3,000. So why do we not see this reported in the world events sections of the U.S. News Sources? This is not a news worthy event when that many white people have lost their lives due to black political motives? Even the so-called right wing Fox News doesn’t seem to want to touch this one. They seem more content to focus on domestic anti-white news than this.

The mainstream media works had to make “whitey” look like the bogeyman in every way, shape, or form. It really comes as no surprise we should see these lies of omission occurring. Tide of animosity against political correctness is growing. When it will grow large enough to be noticed by enough white people to make a difference?

Farm murderers leave chilling note