Barney Franks or Barney Farts?

Do we need a little humor these days? Even if it’s potty humor? It’s well known that democrats talk out of their asses, but this is taking things just a bit too far. Ol “Banking Queen” Barney Frank ripped a good one whilst giving this TV interview. Or at least that what it sounds like. Now granted, it could be some other noise that sounds like gas, but I am going with the poof. Guess that old sphincter isn’t quite what it used to be after all the ‘bum love’ this degenerate has likely received over the years!



Washington State Lets in Illegals, Seattle Times Whines

The ‘Cry me a River Express’ is now crying about this factoid from Washington State.

Illegal-immigrant numbers in state jump 35% in 3 years

Washington is one of just a handful of states that allows illegals to get Driver Licenses. A practice that has long drawn the ire of conservatives in the state. I mean why why why? For one thing, this sends the message out that illegals can get easily set up here. Might as well hang a sign at the border: Illegals – Proceed Directly to Washington State. It also diminishes the status of the Driver License as an authoritative piece of identification for important personal matters – such as getting a passport or getting housing.

I have no doubt this loophole is the reason for this ‘sudden increase’ in illegals. There are new bills floating in the state legislature which would close this loophole. There have been efforts in the past but they have failed due to various liberal special interests. Democrats have in the past, been all too willing to let special interest groups – like the “State Commission on Hispanic Affairs” – pull their puppet strings. However, these bills were authored by a Democrat so it’s possible the state’s Democrats may be moving to center on this issue. One can only hope anyway.

Bills would prevent illegal immigrants from getting state licenses

Democrats Kill Bill to Stop UE Benefits to Millionaires

This could almost be filed under “Weird News” because it’s truly a weird thing. But it shows just how Democrats love to spend our tax money and are not willing to stop just a small trickle of the waste like this one. Senate Vote 273 would have denied Unemployment Benefits to millionaires with a YES vote.

But whoa…step back a bit. Unemployment Benefits for millionaires? What millionaires actually collect Unemployment Benefits is my first question and how big a problem is this? According to Bloomberg, about 3000 millionaires claimed jobless benefits in 2008. This is apparently according to IRS data.

Small potatoes! No wonder congress can’t get any work done. They’re busy sweating the small stuff. Be that as it may, Democrats managed to kill this bill. Apparently Democrats like the idea of millionaires collecting jobless benefits. I wonder if they’re worried about their own job security? Most of them are indeed millionaires and could soon be out of jobs.

Senate Vote 273 – Deny Unemployment Benefits to Millionaires