8.8 Percent Unemployment – Still Bad News

The much anticpated job report came out and the lying liberal mainstream media is cackling like a bunch of happy hens as those a .1 % dip in unemployment is some sort of good news. Like this one from Obama’s personal news network CCN:

“Almost two years after the recession officially ended, the labor market appears to finally be picking up,” said Kathy Bostjancic, director of macroeconomic analysis for The Conference Board. Businesses added 230,000 jobs, the second best gain in that reading in five years. But while businesses continued to bring on new staff, public sector employers trimmed 14,000 jobs during the month, mostly at the local government level. The unemployment rate continued to edge down, dropping to 8.8%, the lowest level since March 2009. The unemployment rate has shed a full percentage point in the last four months.

“Appears to be”.. yeah ok. Now we can’t blame for them for trying but please. When the unemployment rate gets down to where it should be, then we can start talking about recovery.

March jobs report: Jobs gain, unemployment falls


Is Libya Barack Obama’s Iraq?

Ah the irony. Do you remember when GW Bush brought us into Iraq? How the liberals howled. In fact, they howled until the end of Bush’s 2nd term. George Bush presented his bogus WMD case to congress before he went full steam ahead. So at least he honored the constitution and went to Congress first.

Not Barack Obama! He just plowed in without any prior approval from Congress (or anyone else). And how silent the liberals are now about this. Where is the uproar from them? I went to the Daily Kooks (Daily Kos) and searched recent articles with the word “Libya”. Not surprisingly, there were very few that were critical of Obama – most were only liberal news hashing articles.

Funny how things change when it’s a liberal in the White House entering YET ANOTHER Middle East conflict. Yet again, we see the liberal hypocrisy in action through their silence and complacence on the subject of our involvement in Libya. Unfortunately for Barry O, Daffy Gaddafi may be right. He promised a long battle if the US and Western forces were to get involved. The news this week indicates that the rebel forces are losing ground against Daffy. This might mean that Libya will go on and on…. just like Iraq. The gift that keeps taking.

Break Obama? He’s already Broken!

FoxNews courtesy of Hannity, ran this piece about Barack Obama’s lame speech on Libya. Their story says that Libya could “Break Obama”. Well as far as I’m concerned, he’s already broken. Since Barack Obama took office, we can boast:

— Far fewer decent paying jobs
— Continuing high unemployment
— Lower wages
— Higher food prices
— Higher gas prices

And to add to Obama’s list of failure, I am reading that rents are going up. This is an obvious (but entirely foreseeable) result of the housing bust. Suddenly renting is no longer the shameful housing option it once was. Suddenly, it’s fiscally sound so everyone says “rent rent rent”. In fact, with the restrictions on new mortgages and the above points, few people can afford to do anything but rent. And rent is simply complying with the law of supply and demand.

In a healthy economy, this would not be a such a bad, but let make this clear: This is not a healthy economy. Even though the mainstream media keeps pretending that we are in some kind of economic recovery, that is far from the truth. The combination of factors listed in this blog post cannot sit in the same room as “economic recovery”. Any talk of economic recovery is a lie originating from the Obama Administration and carried across the lying liberal news sources.

Sorry folks, Obama is already broken.

How Libya Could Break Obama

Liberal Michael Ratner Wants Bush Prosecuted

I am fed up with liberals and their perverse ideas about how the law should be used. Liberals like Michael Ratner are the reason that our legal system is as clogged as Oprah’s arteries. He contends that Bush needs to be ‘prosecuted’ for torture during his presidency for the waterboarding affair. Even though he is advocated this to be done in Switzerland, it’s still a useless game. What are they going to do? Extradite him to some leftist EU country?

Listen up liberals. Conservatives are sick and tired of your “Blame Bush” games. George W Bush may not have been the best president, but he was certainly better than that poor excuse for a leader we have now. He did what he thought was necessary to protect the U.S. against terrorist. Liberals like Ratner seem to forget that terrorists killed 3,000 people in 2001. A debt is still owed for that and waterboarding was what they deserved (and more).

All that aside, isn’t it time to stop blaming Bush? The Blame Bush game is a poor ploy to take the attention off the real problems we have now: Barack Obama and his cronies. Shame on CNN for carrying this piece of liberal editorial shit and double shame on Google on front-paging it!

Michael Ratner Rants

Where are those Jobs, Barack Obama?

Today I googled “Where are the Jobs” in Google News. Not surprisingly, very few answers popped in that query. What’s wrong Google? Can’t answer that question? My guess, is there simply isn’t much press involving that question. Here is another example of the left wing mainstream media protection Barack Obama from negative publicity by simply avoiding the subject.

On one hand, the American people do not need to be reminded of that question. The question is all around us every day as we watch the continuing decline of our collective affluence. However, the American people do need to be reminded that our illustrious president is doing nothing to assist or influence the situation in a productive way.

The only relevant result that popped up was yet another one of his speeches made at Intel where he (once again) promoted education as a source for innovation. How many different ways is he going to roll that lame piece of wisdom into his speeches. Not that I don’t agree with that, but Americans need jobs NOW. We need them now as well 10 years from now and 20 and so on. So that education angle doesn’t solve today’s problems.

Why are Liberals Still Blaming the Big Bad Corporations?

Liberals are finally acknowledging the fact that their ‘lord and savior’, Barack Obama is not quite up to delivering that hope and change he promised them. Instead of blaming Barack Obama for the state of things today and instead of blaming themselves for being foolish enough to fall for that “hope and change” BS, they continue to shift the blame to another one of their big bad bogeymen: the Corporation. This liberal opinion piece appeared recently in the New York Times and it typifies the liberal blame game.

While millions of ordinary Americans are struggling with unemployment and declining standards of living, the levers of real power have been all but completely commandeered by the financial and corporate elite. It doesn’t really matter what ordinary people want. The wealthy call the tune, and the politicians dance. So what we get in this democracy of ours are astounding and increasingly obscene tax breaks and other windfall benefits for the wealthiest, while the bought-and-paid-for politicians hack away at essential public services and the social safety net, saying we can’t afford them. (source)

Waaaaa.. Cry us a river! Do liberals ever stop to think that if perhaps they made better choices at election time, this would be less of a problem? The idea of personal responsibility completely escapes liberals like this one.

Instead of seeing corporations as the big bad bogeyman, see them for what they can give us: Jobs. Where do liberals think jobs come from? Do they think private sector jobs fall out of the sky? The cost of doing business in America is huge and liberals don’t realize this. I doubt if this liberal has ever looked at a business Balance Sheet or Income Statement. Tax breaks are essential for businesses who in turn can create jobs and do the hiring.

The reason the ‘corporate bogeyman’ isn’t hiring is that they don’t see leadership in this country right now. They see Barack Obama for what he really is: A sham, a fraud, the great pretender.

Liberals Quick to Vilify Judge Roger Vinson

Liberals, with their hands forever dirtied by slinging so much mud, have taken to Judge Roger Vinson’s recent ruling against the Fedzilla Obamacare. His ruling affirmed what most conservatives have already known: it’s unconstitutional. Never mind that silly little thing called The Constitution though. Liberals have had enough of that worn and torn old document. And they’ve all been quick to seize on some sort of deflection from the real issue here: that Obamacare is unethical and illegal. Even the leftist New York times got in on the fun! Check out this delicate piece.

Supporters of the health care act — which Judge Vinson invalidated after ruling it was unconstitutional to require citizens to buy health insurance — saw in the language a deliberate nod to the Tea Party movement.

When in doubt, blame it on the Tea Party! It seems that blaming Bush is going out of vogue for the left wing loonies, so the Tea Party is the new Bush. A suitable repository for the never ceasing blame game. Oh and the NY Times couldn’t resist another favorite deflecting device: The ‘odd analogy’ trick.

Given the role that green vegetables have played in the health care litigation, it would have been disappointing had Judge Vinson not given broccoli its due. Judge Vinson seized on the analogy in a hearing in December and did so again in his ruling on Monday, while batting away the Obama administration’s contention that health care is a unique market because people cannot opt out of it.

Yes it’s a silly analogy but isn’t that the point? That Healthzilla is silly as a broccoli? Or did a vegetable create Healthzilla? Maybe that’s the real analogy.

Tea Party Shadows Health Care Ruling