Barney Franks or Barney Farts?

Do we need a little humor these days? Even if it’s potty humor? It’s well known that democrats talk out of their asses, but this is taking things just a bit too far. Ol “Banking Queen” Barney Frank ripped a good one whilst giving this TV interview. Or at least that what it sounds like. Now granted, it could be some other noise that sounds like gas, but I am going with the poof. Guess that old sphincter isn’t quite what it used to be after all the ‘bum love’ this degenerate has likely received over the years!



Network Solutions is down

The web host and domain host Network Solutions is down this morning March 21, 2011. You get this message on their page:

Our Site is Temporarily Unavailable
We are currently performing system maintenance, but don’t despair, we are always available to help! You can call one of our award-winning customer service representatives for immediate assistance or visit our online customer support center.

Call Us: 1-800-333-7680

Performing system maintenance? Yeah sure you are. Don’t despair indeed? When you try to call them, you get the message: “All Trunks are Busy – please try your call again later” so I assume this is a system wide and wide reaching failure. LOLs. Serves them right for pre censoring that Fitna the Movie back in 2008. Karma.

New York Times Article Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy

Only they call it “Nimbyism”. Yeah whatever, if it walks like a duck, it’s a duck and liberals have proven themselves once the worst hypocrites.

Last week, two groups of New Yorkers who live “on or near” Prospect Park West, a prestigious address in Park Slope, filed a suit against the administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to remove a nine-month-old bike lane that has commandeered a lane previously used by cars.

In Massachusetts, the formidable opponents of Cape Wind, a proposed offshore wind farm in Nantucket Sound, include members of the Kennedy family, whose compound looks out over the body of water. In Berkeley last year, the objections of store owners and residents forced the city to shelve plans for a full bus rapid transit system (B.R.T.), a form of green mass transit in which lanes that formerly served cars are blocked off and usurped by high-capacity buses that resemble above-ground subways.

The article goes on to say that once we see our neighbors doing it or accepting, we do. That people cave in to peer pressure. So that one day, we may look at a wind farm the same way we look at telephone poles today. I’m not sure that argument holds on offshore wind farms, but on shore wind farms, yes it would probably look innocuous after a while. That being said, I don’t look outside and consider the telephone poles “beautiful” and probably never will. They are just a utility.

Anyway, this article exposes the worst kind of liberals: The wealthy ones. These are the liberals in speech only. When no one is looking, they are just as materialistic as anyone else. Like fat Michael Moore. Liberals who are poor at least live by their beliefs probably because they can’t think beyond their condition of poverty. They cannot think beyond the notion that there is some magic pot of gold somewhere in which they should have their share.

Green Development? Not in My (Liberal) Backyard

Who are the Wisconsin 14?

I had to do a fair amount of Googling and Binging to actually find a site that has the names listed. Most of the spineless liberal news sites just refer to them as “The Wisconsin 14” or just AWOL Wisconsin Lawmakers or some such thing. Wisconsin carpetbaggers is better. Well, there is talk of their return. They should return to pack their desk, then be told to leave. Of course that will not happen but I do hope the voters of Wisconsin will put them out of their jobs.

Anyway, here is the list.

Bye Bye American Unions – Don’t Let the Door Hit You

There is this general belief among the ill-informed (mostly liberals) that unions somehow benefit all workers in the U.S. That may have been true 100 years ago when unions made headway into workers rights. But in those days, the rights of workers were so inhibited, that they could barely pass as human rights. The recent decision in Wisconsin dealt a blow to unions and so called collective bargaining.

So who cares? According to this source, which is a relatively recent article, the percentage of U.S. workers who belong to a union is less than 13%. That means that less than 1 in 7 working persons in the U.S. at the time of this article was covered by some kind of union. So the reality of today is that relatively few workers have a union standing behind them. This makes the union folks nothing more than a special interest group. And it’s odd that these union bosses resemble the thug-like ‘copper bosses’ that the unions fought so hard against long ago. Like this union rep who struck a 5 foot 1 woman who was filming the scene.

Union Thug

Michelle Malkin has a full story on this goon at her site here. Sorry Unions. You don’t represent American values any more. Step aside and take your place in the annals of history where you belong.

Liberal Loonies on Parade for Friday 1/28/2011

The Philadelphia Housing Authority spent $500,000 of taxpayer money on parties with belly dancers and settling sexual harassment lawsuits.

Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon denies first amendment rights to right wing group.

Mississippi liberal caught having sex with his hogs – hogs had vaginal infections!

Lancaster PA experiments with School Segregation, NAACP goes bananas.

Liberal Chicago “artist” films himself getting arrested, calls it Art.

Dallas diversity Police Officials Arrested for Stealing from Crime Stoppers rewards.