Where are those Jobs, Barack Obama?

Today I googled “Where are the Jobs” in Google News. Not surprisingly, very few answers popped in that query. What’s wrong Google? Can’t answer that question? My guess, is there simply isn’t much press involving that question. Here is another example of the left wing mainstream media protection Barack Obama from negative publicity by simply avoiding the subject.

On one hand, the American people do not need to be reminded of that question. The question is all around us every day as we watch the continuing decline of our collective affluence. However, the American people do need to be reminded that our illustrious president is doing nothing to assist or influence the situation in a productive way.

The only relevant result that popped up was yet another one of his speeches made at Intel where he (once again) promoted education as a source for innovation. How many different ways is he going to roll that lame piece of wisdom into his speeches. Not that I don’t agree with that, but Americans need jobs NOW. We need them now as well 10 years from now and 20 and so on. So that education angle doesn’t solve today’s problems.