Why are Liberals Still Blaming the Big Bad Corporations?

Liberals are finally acknowledging the fact that their ‘lord and savior’, Barack Obama is not quite up to delivering that hope and change he promised them. Instead of blaming Barack Obama for the state of things today and instead of blaming themselves for being foolish enough to fall for that “hope and change” BS, they continue to shift the blame to another one of their big bad bogeymen: the Corporation. This liberal opinion piece appeared recently in the New York Times and it typifies the liberal blame game.

While millions of ordinary Americans are struggling with unemployment and declining standards of living, the levers of real power have been all but completely commandeered by the financial and corporate elite. It doesn’t really matter what ordinary people want. The wealthy call the tune, and the politicians dance. So what we get in this democracy of ours are astounding and increasingly obscene tax breaks and other windfall benefits for the wealthiest, while the bought-and-paid-for politicians hack away at essential public services and the social safety net, saying we can’t afford them. (source)

Waaaaa.. Cry us a river! Do liberals ever stop to think that if perhaps they made better choices at election time, this would be less of a problem? The idea of personal responsibility completely escapes liberals like this one.

Instead of seeing corporations as the big bad bogeyman, see them for what they can give us: Jobs. Where do liberals think jobs come from? Do they think private sector jobs fall out of the sky? The cost of doing business in America is huge and liberals don’t realize this. I doubt if this liberal has ever looked at a business Balance Sheet or Income Statement. Tax breaks are essential for businesses who in turn can create jobs and do the hiring.

The reason the ‘corporate bogeyman’ isn’t hiring is that they don’t see leadership in this country right now. They see Barack Obama for what he really is: A sham, a fraud, the great pretender.